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Looking for ways to tackle dry skin, pain, or maybe even a way to relax during bath time in a natural way?? Our skincare products are made with all natural ingredients with the intention to give your skin the care and nourishment it needs.


Spiritual space

If you find yourself looking for healing on a spiritual level our spiritual space is for you. We’ve got a variety of crystal necklaces, spiritual baths and more.



Looking for fashionable and trendy clothing?? Our fashion section is perfect for you, we’ve got a variety of outfits waiting for you 😊😊


Meet The Owner

Hello friends, my name is Symberly and I am the CEO of Lumi Couleur. I create handmade products with the intention to eliminate dry, rough or damaged skin, not only do I create handmade skincare and bath products but I also work with handmade crystal jewelry as it has become a passion of mine since I started my spiritual journey. I enjoy being able to create products that have helped me tackle every day life problems and present them to others that may struggle with the same problems that I do. I started my small business in hopes to help many like myself find a way to heal naturally, I hope while you're here you find something you like and continue to like after your initial use. I appreciate you for taking the time to stop into my shop and I hope to see you again.

-Thank you from yours truly.

Lumi Goals

Our goal is to keep each and every one of our Lumi friends  happy and satisfied with their order. Each hand crafted product is made with the intentions to help others like myself find a natural product that works for them not only the first time but for a period of time. We encourage vibrant colors so Lumi gives a variety of colors to our platform in hopes to bring a little bit of the brightness out of you through us, we want you to be yourself and encourage you to never be afraid to do so.... You are a Rockstar and nobody can take that from you!!


Lets see what Lumi's Facebook friends have to say about our products

I love the body butter dawn got us! It smells so good! I use them all the time.


I'm definitely going to buy more lip gloss from you, you're the best so far and you can really tell in the pictures thank you again.


It makes my skin super soft! Especially after shaving.

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