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Lumi Couleur

Cord cutting

Cord cutting

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Set yourself free with spiritual cord cutting. This powerful technique helps you to break unhealthy bonds with others, clearing away toxic energy and allowing you to take control of your own life. Take the first step to a brighter future.

Cord cuttings are used to release the ties bound to you and another person. If you’re looking to detach yourself from someone that is no longer serving your highest good and you are ready to fully let go of this individual this working is for you. This working requires the names and birthdate of both energies involved and is only recommended if you are truly ready to cut ties, this tie cutting is non reversal.

An email will be required upon purchase with your full name and birthdate and your partners as well. All information is confidential and the video will be emailed as soon as it is complete, please allow up to 48 hours of processing time as this working is done after hours.

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