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Lumi Couleur

Floral Milk Bath

Floral Milk Bath

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Enriched with skin-soothing petals, this special blend of flowers and milk will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. Perfect for a luxurious spa day at home.  This product contains goat milk, oatmeal, calendula petals, corn flower petals, lavender petals and rose petals

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Customer Reviews

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So in love xo

Donna Reynolds
Love all of my items

I met this lady on TikTok and have never found someone that cares so much about everyone. She personalized my wand by what she knows about me. I will be purchasing every month lol. I love my head band too. I can't wait to get more products for my spiritual journey...

Kathy Nicholson
The bath soap is amazing

My daughter gave me some bath fizz for mothers day. My skin is sensitive too alot of thing n im proud to say I can use the. The pink kind has my skin feeling so soft n smelling really good. I just recently bought 2 more. This product is amazing and if you can't use fragrance then this is for you cuz its got essential oils.very happy momma