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Lumi Couleur

Intention Candles

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4oz intention candles 
Self-Love- Rose petals, Lavender petals, Rose essential oil and Rose Quartz.

Attracting Wealth- Thyme, Frankincense, Bay leaves, Cinnamon sticks, Ginger essential oil and Citrine.

Reducing Anxiety- Chamomile, Lavender petals, Peppermint leaves, Lavender essential oil and Amethyst.

Intuitive Mind- Blue Cornflower petals, Lapis Lazuli, lemongrass essential oil 

8oz intention candles 
Lucky Charm- Reindeer moss, Golden Coin, Emerald and Apple Cinnamon essential oil

Sunshine Meadows- Reindeer moss, Sea Shells, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sweet Orange and Lemon Grass essential oil 

Tea Light intention candles 
Third Eye Magic

Scented with lavender topped with cornflowers for psychic awareness and third eye awakening

Happy Aura

Scented with lemongrass topped with calendula for cleansing the aura and allowing in happiness

Self Love Trip

Scented with watermelon topped with roses to allow self love, peace and balance

Bitch Be Gone

Scented with cedar topped with sage to banish negative energy and for protection

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