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Lumi Couleur

7 Chakra Distant Healing Reading

7 Chakra Distant Healing Reading

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Unlock the power of your mind with our 7 Chakra Distant Healing Reading. By focusing on the 7 chakras, you can achieve harmony and balance in your life. Discover the benefits of unlocking each chakra and reaching your full potential.


Within this reading I will connect to your energy through visualization and a diagram of what will be displayed as your 7 chakra energy field, I will use a divination tool called a pendulum to accurately connect to which Chakras are balanced and unbalanced. Once this information is provided I will then send an email of your personalized diagram along with informative instructions on how you can work on these specific chakras to help you in balancing your energy field so please provide an accurate email address where this information can be given.

"The seven chakras are vortexes of energy that represent our seven levels of consciousness, through these seven chakras, we move from the lower self, or an unconscious state, to the higher self, or conscious mind .”

Here are the 7 main chakras and what they represent.

  1. The Crown Chakra represents our understanding
  2. The Third Eye Chakra represents how we see or view the world as a whole
  3. The Throat Chakra represents how we speak or express ourselves 
  4. The Heart Chakra represents how we give and receive love
  5. The Solar Plexus Chakra represents how we do things
  6. The Sacral Chakra represents how we feel 
  7. The Root Chakra represents who we are 
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Must need experience

It was my first reading like this and I was shocked and blown away at how spot on it was and how it made me warm when she spoke about the chakras that needed work I never felt that before and honestly would love to do this again after a while of working on balancing them out to see how I did and grow on my journey